Travel Tips for Women and Children

This article discusses some beneficial travelling tips that will come in very handy for women when travelling alone or with children.

Travelling tips for women Women who travel alone travel to different countries around the world should bear in mind to:

1. Respect the dress code of the destination. They should preferably do a research about the region they are going to. They can search the World Wide Web or ask a friend, family member or a colleague who has been there.

If it is not possible to find out the dress norms before leaving on the trip, then the can also take cues from the local women upon their arrival It is wise to always be attentive to what they wear and how they socialize. In many countries, women should wear modest apparel to avoid unwanted attraction.

2. In some countries, if you don’t have one, wear a fake wedding ring which will keep one safe from uninvited advances. Many women who have to travel alone also keep a photo of their imaginary husbands with them to keep unwanted attention at bay.

3. When travelling in public transport make sure to be seated next to a woman. If available, opt for a female section. If this section is not available, and if harassed, point out the offender creating the offence.

4. Respect the rules when visiting the religious places where one might be required to cover their head and take off their shoes.

5. Get information, preferably prior to the visit, about the destination regarding its:
a) Culture
b) Local customs
c) Roles of women etc.

Travelling tips for safe travelling with children

Travelling with children can turn into a nightmare if they are unwell or not looked after properly during traveling. This article highlights some basic tips used to keep children calm, entertained and safe while travelling.

There are many families and single parents who plan their vacations with their children to spend quality time together. These families and parents should keep in mind a few things in order to ensure that they are able to enjoy a trouble free vacation.

1. Prior to buying tickets, it is important to make sure that the children’s vaccinations are complete and up to date. Additional vaccinations which might be a travelling requirement for any tropical region must also be completed.

2. Parents should consult their children’s pediatrician or doctor about their child’s health to inquiry whether he or she is fit for travelling.

3. When travelling with babies, carry extra sterilized bottles for feeding

4. Also include medicines and items like: paracetamol, thermometer, band aids, pampers etc. when packing. Carry them in bags that are easy to access at all times.

5. Parents should choose flight seats that offer a safe playing spot for the children. These seats are usually near the exit area.

6. Keep plenty of toys; preferably individual stashes for each child in order to avoid arguments or fights

7. If people travel only occasionally with their children and do not have travelling baby accessories, it is a viable approach to rent this equipment. This will ensure safety and comfort while travelling.

8. Last but not the least; make children who are old enough to memorize important phone numbers and address details. Also keep pointing out and mentioning landmarks near the accommodation area.