Top Beach Cities in the World

Sydney, Australia: Sydney is the top travel destination when it comes to visiting Australia. Although the capital of Australia is Canberra, still Sydney is no less important with its immense range of attractions. Tourists from all around the world visit Australia making sure Sydney remains a must see site in their travel diaries.

The breathtaking architecture of the Sydney Harbor Bridge, the Sydney Opera House, an active nightlife venue and its sheer physical beauty makes Sydney an irresistible lure for tourists and magnifies its ranking as one of the top beach cities in the world. The major draw is of course the excellent beaches the city has to offer to its guests. Bondi Beach is the most beautiful stretch of sand in the country and perhaps in the world to attract city dwellers and beach lovers at the same time.

Venice, Italy

Venice, a predestined beach city by its forefathers was built on small islands connected by canals and bridges and is among the top beach destinations in the world. Its amazing architecture surrounded by an entwining network of dreamy canals filled with cruising gondolas ranks it among the most beautiful beach cities in the world.

The waters of the Adriatic Sea seem to lose its bearings in the meandering canals of Venice and as one glides beneath countless arched bridges in swan like gondolas, it adds a powerful influence of romance and serenity in the hearts of visitors. Lido Island is only 10 min away from the jostle of St. Mark’s Square and is perhaps the best hidden secrets of the world. It’s an 11 miles long island situated between a lagoon and the open sea. Des Bains and Excelsior are among the splendid private beaches of Venice Lido which host the richest Italians and tourists staying in the hotels on these beaches.

Brighton, UK

Brighton is situated in the south of England and is a historic venue of 1960’s rock star battles for supremacy on the quay in the English Channel. The quay was burnt down years later but in its place a new pier was built featuring arcades, stalls and conventional rides. Brighton was recently declared a city and within a short time this strategically located city next to the sea has became a hub of commerce and business and boasts a fast developing boating industry.

Brighton has become a classy city-within-a city port and plans are being made to erect a London style monument at the site of the burnt down quay. It has become a top tourist attraction with its 490 ft high observatory mast. This popular beach city is a must see site for Londoners and thousands of tourists from all around the world. In summers the shorefront is nearly hidden for the crowds on the beach.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is a city where an assortment of cultures and classes can be distinctively seen. Downright poverty and overflowing wealth can be viewed rubbing shoulders with each other. African soil topped by European sophistication blends to create a unique culture in Cape Town. It has become a top beach city in the last decade and a go-to place for European residents searching for a better life under a warmer sun.

Cape Town features all amenities for visitors including the best rated restaurants, 5 star hotels, designer shops and nightclubs and splendid beaches straddling the enjoyable waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean with a a picturesque mountainous countryside in the background . The sheltered beaches of Cape Town are recommended for getting the best tan in the world. Clifton Beach is one of the most splendid beaches with its crystal blue waters cruised by exquisite yachts. Athletic tanned bodies surf its waters and water sporting is popular in the Big Bay.

Los Angeles, USA

Los Angeles, the city of angels, is the center of amusement and is recognized globally and nationally for its amazing beaches featured in movies and TV shows. This stunning metropolis in California is home to the most distinguished beaches in the world. Santa Monica, located in Los Angeles County, is the most famous beach and the shooting venue of the popular TV series Baywatch.

Santa Monica limits the Pacific Ocean and offers a wonderful beach resort with world class amenities. Other attractions include Beverly Hills, Universal Studios, Disneyland and Malibu nearby. Santa Monica is an integral part of LA whether you are sunbathing on the warm sands of the beach or enjoying a picnic on the quay’s Ferris wheel.