Top 10 Restaurants in Dubai

Blue Elephant

Blue Elephant is a Thai restaurant and has such an ambience that you will feel you have been transported from the surrounding sandy dunes of Dubai to Thailand’s grasses where elephants graze. The restaurant displays a typical Chinese structure made of wood with a serene and beautiful waterfall adorned with a small garden with exotic flowers and shrubs..

The menu consists of Thai dishes made of imported ingredients from Thailand including lemongrass, chilies and basil which infuse the surroundings with mouthwatering aromas.

Zheng He’s

Chinese food lovers can have a perfect solace at Zheng He’s with basic appetizers to snacks and desserts.  Located at MadinatJumeirah Waterways overlooked by Burj Al Arab, Zheng He’s is a combination of oriental and Chinese cuisine with aninteresting twist. The romantic setting of the restaurant combined with the excellent food; make it a special dating point. The menu includes mango salsa with wasabi prawns and on top of the superb seafood, includes egg yolk dumplings, crispy duck and Chinese spiced beef and other dishes which are served well at Zheng He’s.

Al Mahara

Al Mahara is one of the best top rated seafood restaurants located inthe Burj Al Arab with an impressive entrance gracedwith a magnified aquarium that enthralls incoming guests. The fish on your platter is succulently fresh and tastyand you will be pleased with the remarkable menu and finesse in service. Among the top specialties of Al Mahara are perfectly cooked monkfish served with strips of fresh vegetables and other enticing accessories.

Al Qasr

Al Qasr is indeed an impressive site for visiting guests displaying a summer palace of the Sheikh and is surrounded by lush green lawns andpalm trees. The lobby is majestically furnished with oriental rugs and flower arrangements and has a spectacular view of the waterfront and the iconic Burj Al Arab.

Amenities are all around you including an outdoor pool, spa, health club and an indoor pool which is popular in summer. Being part of MadinatJumeirah, the resort is linked by waterways to other popular restaurants. Al Qasr consists of nine restaurants including Al Hambara, Arboretum, MJ’s Steakhouse and Magnolia which serves only vegetarian cuisine. Water sports are available at the Jumeirah beach and kids can have a wonderful time at Sindbad Kid’s Club.

Da Gama

Dubai has a wide selection of diners and Da Gama is among a few Portuguese restaurants operating in the UAE. The central attraction of this Portuguesecuisine which servesseafood, is its fish embellished with ingredients imported from abroad and served with excellent appetizers and desserts. The marinated mussels and calamari in de marisco salad is fascinating along with shrimps and warm hammour. Another appetizing dish, juicy morsels of pork with shrimps served with mustard cream is another feature on the menu. The dessert tableis unique and includes delicious apple pie with a delightful cream topping.


Shabestan is a magical Persian Restaurant ready to greetyou with its legendary upholstery and Arabian Nights ambience. Guests are served with the best baked loaves of bread to enjoy with crispy lettuce salad that includes cucumbers and raisins and topped with white cheese. The main course includes lamb meat kebabs perfectly cooked served with boiled eggs and tomato sauce. Dessert includes tasty halwapudding which makes you savor every crispy crumb.


Focaccia is an authentic Italian restaurant situated at Hayat Regency, Deira Dubai and provides exceptional service, a waterfront view and outstanding Italian food. The menu opens with a spicy seafood soup, an excellent appetizer followed with moundingplatters of seafood that enhances your appetite. The lamb chops combined with finely baked bread and lemon squash is culinary excellence beyond compare. Just make sure to leave enough room for their irresistible dessert including chocolate cake and crème catalane.


Indego is a typically Indian cuisine resort and is located at Grosvenor House, Dubai. The furnishings are elegant and adorned by attractive furnishingsin Hindu style including astatue of Shiva. The menu also includes Indian dishes served in a most elaborate style and the cuisine offers delicious tikka, chicken curry served with rice in Madras fashion wholly created by imported spices from India. Other dishes include dal makhni, mixed bread, samosa, vegetable biryani, Bombay aloo, okra tossed and samosa choco.


Zuma is a Japanese Restaurant with an awesome ambience crowded with customers most of the time due to its high quality of food and friendly atmosphere. The menu includes salmon and tuna freshly served onwooden platters, crab legs poached in butter and Korean lamb chops nicely barbequed. Dessert is something you will have because it’s the best part of the deal. The green chili pineapple and coconut will tantalize your taste buds.

Armani Ristorante

Armani Ristorante is an Italian cuisine located at Downtown Dubai and is a top rated restaurant althoughlavishly expensive. The interior is elegantly furnished in oatmeal colored upholstery and trappings with an awesome ambience for guests. The menu is aselegant and impressive with its pastas, monkfish, spaghetti and burratta mozzarella. Dress code is smart\casual and smoking is permitted.