Top 10 Restaurants in Dubai

Blue Elephant

Blue Elephant is a Thai restaurant and has such an ambience that you will feel you have been transported from the surrounding sandy dunes of Dubai to Thailand’s grasses where elephants graze. The restaurant displays a typical Chinese structure made of wood with a serene and beautiful waterfall adorned with a small garden with exotic flowers and shrubs..

The menu consists of Thai dishes made of imported ingredients from Thailand including lemongrass, chilies and basil which infuse the surroundings with mouthwatering aromas.

Zheng He’s

Chinese food lovers can have a perfect solace at Zheng He’s with basic appetizers to snacks and desserts.  Located at MadinatJumeirah Waterways overlooked by Burj Al Arab, Zheng He’s is a combination of oriental and Chinese cuisine with aninteresting twist. The romantic setting of the restaurant combined with the excellent food; make it a special dating point. The menu includes mango salsa with wasabi prawns and on top of the superb seafood, includes egg yolk dumplings, crispy duck and Chinese spiced beef and other dishes which are served well at Zheng He’s.

Al Mahara

Al Mahara is one of the best top rated seafood restaurants located inthe Burj Al Arab with an impressive entrance gracedwith a magnified aquarium that enthralls incoming guests. The fish on your platter is succulently fresh and tastyand you will be pleased with the remarkable menu and finesse in service. Among the top specialties of Al Mahara are perfectly cooked monkfish served with strips of fresh vegetables and other enticing accessories.

Al Qasr

Al Qasr is indeed an impressive site for visiting guests displaying a summer palace of the Sheikh and is surrounded by lush green lawns andpalm trees. The lobby is majestically furnished with oriental rugs and flower arrangements and has a spectacular view of the waterfront and the iconic Burj Al Arab.

Amenities are all around you including an outdoor pool, spa, health club and an indoor pool which is popular in summer. Being part of MadinatJumeirah, the resort is linked by waterways to other popular restaurants. Al Qasr consists of nine restaurants including Al Hambara, Arboretum, MJ’s Steakhouse and Magnolia which serves only vegetarian cuisine. Water sports are available at the Jumeirah beach and kids can have a wonderful time at Sindbad Kid’s Club.

Da Gama

Dubai has a wide selection of diners and Da Gama is among a few Portuguese restaurants operating in the UAE. The central attraction of this Portuguesecuisine which servesseafood, is its fish embellished with ingredients imported from abroad and served with excellent appetizers and desserts. The marinated mussels and calamari in de marisco salad is fascinating along with shrimps and warm hammour. Another appetizing dish, juicy morsels of pork with shrimps served with mustard cream is another feature on the menu. The dessert tableis unique and includes delicious apple pie with a delightful cream topping.


Shabestan is a magical Persian Restaurant ready to greetyou with its legendary upholstery and Arabian Nights ambience. Guests are served with the best baked loaves of bread to enjoy with crispy lettuce salad that includes cucumbers and raisins and topped with white cheese. The main course includes lamb meat kebabs perfectly cooked served with boiled eggs and tomato sauce. Dessert includes tasty halwapudding which makes you savor every crispy crumb.


Focaccia is an authentic Italian restaurant situated at Hayat Regency, Deira Dubai and provides exceptional service, a waterfront view and outstanding Italian food. The menu opens with a spicy seafood soup, an excellent appetizer followed with moundingplatters of seafood that enhances your appetite. The lamb chops combined with finely baked bread and lemon squash is culinary excellence beyond compare. Just make sure to leave enough room for their irresistible dessert including chocolate cake and crème catalane.


Indego is a typically Indian cuisine resort and is located at Grosvenor House, Dubai. The furnishings are elegant and adorned by attractive furnishingsin Hindu style including astatue of Shiva. The menu also includes Indian dishes served in a most elaborate style and the cuisine offers delicious tikka, chicken curry served with rice in Madras fashion wholly created by imported spices from India. Other dishes include dal makhni, mixed bread, samosa, vegetable biryani, Bombay aloo, okra tossed and samosa choco.


Zuma is a Japanese Restaurant with an awesome ambience crowded with customers most of the time due to its high quality of food and friendly atmosphere. The menu includes salmon and tuna freshly served onwooden platters, crab legs poached in butter and Korean lamb chops nicely barbequed. Dessert is something you will have because it’s the best part of the deal. The green chili pineapple and coconut will tantalize your taste buds.

Armani Ristorante

Armani Ristorante is an Italian cuisine located at Downtown Dubai and is a top rated restaurant althoughlavishly expensive. The interior is elegantly furnished in oatmeal colored upholstery and trappings with an awesome ambience for guests. The menu is aselegant and impressive with its pastas, monkfish, spaghetti and burratta mozzarella. Dress code is smart\casual and smoking is permitted.

Top Archaeological Sites in The World & Archaeological Travel

Machu Picchu: Discovered in 1911 by Hiram Bingham, Machu Picchu is located on a mountain top with an elevation of 9060 ft. It remains a one of the top man-made wonders and is breathtaking for millions of tourist who visit this amazing destination every year. This majestic ruin on top of an Andean Mount crest symbolizes the reverence of the Incas for this sacred site. These massive stone monuments date back to 1400 AD and remained intact until Spanish conquerors destroyed them to erase pagan worship in this region.

This extra ordinary city was well enclosed by the Incas and was invisible from below. The whole complex is surrounded by sloping terraces used for agriculture which produced enough to feed the residents. Perhaps it was so concealed and maintained by the Inca people to be used as a sacred sanctuary. The monuments erected from the grey granite from the mountain are unique and unparallel in historical, religious and architectural details. The building blocks are so huge and some of them weigh up to 50 tons and enjoined so skillfully that despite the lack of cement or mortar, the joints are almost seamless, top archaeological sites.

The Great Pyramids

The Great Pyramid is one of the most ancient human structures dating back to early history. They are of such a massive construct that has not been duplicated elsewhere.  Pyramids were raised from nearly 2.5 million sandstone blocks and were first covered in a case of polished limestone. It still confounds archeological researches how ancient Egyptians had acquired necessary Mathematical, Surveying, geographic and engineering genius to create such symmetrically accurate structures without modern machinery. The pyramids are witnesses that ancient civilizations like the Egyptians were far too advanced in technologies; top archaeological sites far beyond our conception.

The Roman Forum

The Romans are the next rival civilization to the Egyptians who gave the world a profusion of knowledge, discipline, conquest, architecture and numerous ancient treasures of knowledge still waiting to be solved by modern researchers. Rome is still a metropolis of ancient culture and architect with its thronging market places, adorned squares, historic churches and cathedrals, gigantic amphitheaters and sculpted figurines to mark the genius of this once conquering nation. But, despite all the attractions of Rome the most spectacular beauty lies within its nightlife when tourists from far off destinations stroll along the renowned Emmanualle Monument, Campidogilo and top archaeological sites the dreamy surroundings.


Baalbek, a complex of temples, dates back to nearly 5,000 years earlier and is situated in the hills of Lebanon. It is one of the most controversial sacred places of worship. Archaeological digs in the surrounding the Roman Temple of Jupiter have uncovered relics dating back to 2900-2300 BC. Baalbek is considered the birthplace of Phoenician god Baal and after the advent of Romans in 312 AD, massive architecture including temples and shrines were built in Baalbek. This city is dedicated to the sun god has the largest structures ever built by Romans. Modern and ancient builders are bewildered at the skill to move, transport and erect the massive rocks shaped specifically and measuring around 450-120 tons from one place to another. The signs of erosion on these rocks verify their antiquity to be far older than the other monuments top archaeological sites.

Top Beach Cities in the World

Sydney, Australia: Sydney is the top travel destination when it comes to visiting Australia. Although the capital of Australia is Canberra, still Sydney is no less important with its immense range of attractions. Tourists from all around the world visit Australia making sure Sydney remains a must see site in their travel diaries.

The breathtaking architecture of the Sydney Harbor Bridge, the Sydney Opera House, an active nightlife venue and its sheer physical beauty makes Sydney an irresistible lure for tourists and magnifies its ranking as one of the top beach cities in the world. The major draw is of course the excellent beaches the city has to offer to its guests. Bondi Beach is the most beautiful stretch of sand in the country and perhaps in the world to attract city dwellers and beach lovers at the same time.

Venice, Italy

Venice, a predestined beach city by its forefathers was built on small islands connected by canals and bridges and is among the top beach destinations in the world. Its amazing architecture surrounded by an entwining network of dreamy canals filled with cruising gondolas ranks it among the most beautiful beach cities in the world.

The waters of the Adriatic Sea seem to lose its bearings in the meandering canals of Venice and as one glides beneath countless arched bridges in swan like gondolas, it adds a powerful influence of romance and serenity in the hearts of visitors. Lido Island is only 10 min away from the jostle of St. Mark’s Square and is perhaps the best hidden secrets of the world. It’s an 11 miles long island situated between a lagoon and the open sea. Des Bains and Excelsior are among the splendid private beaches of Venice Lido which host the richest Italians and tourists staying in the hotels on these beaches.

Brighton, UK

Brighton is situated in the south of England and is a historic venue of 1960’s rock star battles for supremacy on the quay in the English Channel. The quay was burnt down years later but in its place a new pier was built featuring arcades, stalls and conventional rides. Brighton was recently declared a city and within a short time this strategically located city next to the sea has became a hub of commerce and business and boasts a fast developing boating industry.

Brighton has become a classy city-within-a city port and plans are being made to erect a London style monument at the site of the burnt down quay. It has become a top tourist attraction with its 490 ft high observatory mast. This popular beach city is a must see site for Londoners and thousands of tourists from all around the world. In summers the shorefront is nearly hidden for the crowds on the beach.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is a city where an assortment of cultures and classes can be distinctively seen. Downright poverty and overflowing wealth can be viewed rubbing shoulders with each other. African soil topped by European sophistication blends to create a unique culture in Cape Town. It has become a top beach city in the last decade and a go-to place for European residents searching for a better life under a warmer sun.

Cape Town features all amenities for visitors including the best rated restaurants, 5 star hotels, designer shops and nightclubs and splendid beaches straddling the enjoyable waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean with a a picturesque mountainous countryside in the background . The sheltered beaches of Cape Town are recommended for getting the best tan in the world. Clifton Beach is one of the most splendid beaches with its crystal blue waters cruised by exquisite yachts. Athletic tanned bodies surf its waters and water sporting is popular in the Big Bay.

Los Angeles, USA

Los Angeles, the city of angels, is the center of amusement and is recognized globally and nationally for its amazing beaches featured in movies and TV shows. This stunning metropolis in California is home to the most distinguished beaches in the world. Santa Monica, located in Los Angeles County, is the most famous beach and the shooting venue of the popular TV series Baywatch.

Santa Monica limits the Pacific Ocean and offers a wonderful beach resort with world class amenities. Other attractions include Beverly Hills, Universal Studios, Disneyland and Malibu nearby. Santa Monica is an integral part of LA whether you are sunbathing on the warm sands of the beach or enjoying a picnic on the quay’s Ferris wheel.

Top Family Resorts in Mexico & Mexico Travel Guide

XPU-Ha is an all inclusive family resort situated at Carretera Chetumal-Puerto Juarez on a two mile white sandy beach near the Mayan Rivera. You can go for anything from Mediterranean to Asian while selecting the most delicious cuisines from the six on-site restaurants. Children can find their favorite snacks in a buffet which includes non alcoholic drinks which is part of the inclusive package and top family resorts in mexico.

Barceló Maya prides in offering its guests 5 star amenities in entertainment, luxury, massages, outdoor swimming pools and a kids’ recreational area. For more adventure loving guests there are plenty of water sport activities like kayaking, water polo, wind surfing and snorkeling which are included in their package.

Melia Puerto Vallarta is another name for a family paradise which features all the amenities for family members of all ages. All inclusive packages enable you to say yes to everything your family needs for entertainment and for mouthwatering cuisines. Melia Puerto Vallarta boasts the largest swimming pool in Puerto Vallarta and on top of it you can enjoy meals, snacks, beverages and recreational fun areas for kids; all part of the deal. Awesome midnight shows are performed by expert dancers. Infants enjoy certified caretakers, play areas, hygienic baby food and educational coaching. A wide range of indoor and outdoor activities like art and crafts, camping, wall climbing, pool table, disco, tennis and top family resorts in mexico, batting cage keep you busy all the time during your stay.

Puerto Aventuras is situated in a region of Yucatan in the Mayan Riviera and features 305 guestrooms with balconies and terraces overlooking enthralling views of the Caribbean ocean. The resort has, exquisitely trimmed well kept gardens and guests can participate in water sports. Fully furnished rooms with the best amenities including in-room safes, DVD and CD players and bathroom luxuries are part of your stay at Dreams Puerto Aventuras. The food is excellent and you are sure to find diverse cuisines like Mexican, top family resorts in mexico Italian and delicious seafood at the resort’s gourmet restaurants.

There are numerous daytime and night time activities which can be scheduled according to your preferences and convenience. Dreams Puerto Aventuras features a spa, an adult swimming pool, a private beach and a a kid’s area which includes a pool. The resort’s babysitting services allow you to enjoying adult night shows top family resorts in mexico.

Viva Wyndham Maya All Inclusive

Conveniently located near Cancun International Airport, Viva Wyndham Maya is without a doubt one of the best family resorts offering all inclusive stay with a great sense of excellent service and tourist amenities. The resort boasts of nearly 480 bedrooms and terraces and balconies where visitors can view the ocean and surrounding picturesque landscape. Food is at its best as there are seven on site restaurants with the most delectable cuisines.

Hotel amenities include a spa, a fitness center and a huge outdoor pool. Water sports agree with the unique location of the resort and you might find it difficult to decide amongst the wide range of activities available including kayaking, snorkeling, wind sailing, sailing and fishing. Archaeological geeks may find Mayan ruins and other ancient sites close to the resort. Top family resorts in mexico, Just a short swim off the resort beach will enable you to witness the world’s second largest barrier reef.

Wonderful Tourist Attractions in London, England

Collecting relevant information about a place we intend to visit is something most people do prior to finalizing their plans.

Planning ahead not only saves a lot of your time but it also helps you decide about the sights and places that you would not want to miss visiting. In this article, you will learn about some of London’s most amazing places for tourists.

The top attractions in London, England; include the National Gallery, the Tower of London and the London Eye. You may have to book tickets or bookings beforehand. This article also covers several free tourist attractions that appeal to the interests of art lovers.

Madame Tussauds

At this wax museum you will get to see some of the most famous faces in the world. The place gives you an opportunity to meet replicas of famous and influential personalities from all around the world.

Obviously, going to visit London, England and missing the above mentioned places would be a loss to your trip! So, plan ahead and make time to pay a visit to each.

British Museum

It is one of the world’s most famous tourist attractions. This museum is a remarkable demonstration of the development and advances from prehistoric to modern times. The Rosetta stone, Mummies in Ancient Egypt and Parthenon sculptures are just a few examples of its many artifacts. Entry is generally free; however, some exhibitions may only allow entry via tickets.

Tate Modern

This is the national museum of Britain, exhibiting contemporary and modern art. It is located near the Thames River. You will notice that this museum has a unique architecture or shape; this is because it was previously a power station. In the museum you will be able to relish art exhibitions focusing on topmost artists such as Gauguin and Damien Hirst.

National Gallery

The National Gallery of London is undoubtedly the most glorious places in England. This library showcases Western-European paintings that range from the time period of the 13th-to-19th century. There are many astounding works of art done by such artists as Da-Vinci, Botticelli, Renoir, Stubbs, Van Gogh, Titian and Constable.

Tower of London

This building is certainly one of the most popular in the whole world; therefore, you would not want to miss a visit there. The place has a legacy of 900 years; it treasures the history of a prison, a place of execution, a jewel house, an arsenal, a royal palace and a zoo.

The Natural History Museum

Everything that you see at the “Natural History Museum” is so life like and fascinating. This museum holds an outstanding collection of the rarest, tallest and biggest animals (like dinosaurs). You will see the Blue Whale (life sized), an old spider (almost 40 million year old) and the astounding Central Hall. Moreover, there is no Entry fee on regular days; however, they do charge on special exhibitions.

The EDF Energy London Eye!

This is simply amazing feature of the London skyline. It is counted among the world’s highest and most remarkable observation wheels. There are 32 capsules, each weighs around 10 tons and has the capacity of holding 25 people. I guarantee that you would never want to miss this breathtaking experience.

Traveling Alone Tips

Are you getting bored on a lazy summer weekend at home and planning a getaway to white sandy beaches and camping near a lake? Go ahead and take a trip by yourself and don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Keep your destination in mind but you can deviate from your plan a little when required. No distraction means being solo to meditate and find your own potential while chilling out there.

Meet new people, relish different cuisines and explore wonderful places. Solo travelling is perhaps the best way to absorb new culture, people and history. Solo travelling is being promoted as a huge number of travelers hit the road. T US State Department is keenly interested in making roads and treks safer and providing tourist amenities.

Relaxation or Exploration

After deciding if you want to relax or explore, it makes your destination too obvious. Relaxing vacations can lead you to places with a map and language book but it’s more fun to have it your own way and go exploring on your own. Try staying in a beach villa with everything included and relax with just a newspaper and a drink beside an indoor pool.

Solo travelling is on the rise where you can choose hotels with boutiques and restaurants and the US and European authorities are more than eager to make sure a solo traveler on the road is in a hospitable environment. Try to do a lot of homework so you won’t have to spend time on the hotel Wi-Fi searching for your must see sites.

Tips for Traveling Abroad

1. The State Department is there to assist you and protect you if you just sign up and get enrolled in case of any emergency. By doing so you can inform the State Department in case of a travel emergency, meanwhile keeping your whereabouts and personal information safe and private.

2. Just to make sure, kindly check that you have a valid and signed passport along with a visa and remember to sign the emergency page on your passport.

3. Always remember to leave copies of your passports and itinerary page with friends and family in case they want to contact you.

4. Contact your medical insurance company to ensure your insurance policy applies overseas and also includes coverage of emergency mass departure.

5. When you are in a foreign country you are subject to its laws.

6. It is advisable to take proper precautions when you are travelling in a foreign land like avoid wearing excessive jewelry or fabulous clothes and instead of cash carry credit or debit cards.

7. The US Consulates and Embassies are open for any assistance 24 hours daily to provide emergency services all the time. Visit the link below to find more about being a citizen of US around the world.

Travelling with Children & Children Tripadvisor Travel Guides

Family travel is a wonderful experience to be shared by family members to have a splendid get away from work pressure, tiring studies and monotonous housekeeping. Family travelling may be taken for various reasons but the major perspective is to share something exciting and have fun together. In addition to having fun, one of the other pluses is that it can also be an educational experience as the family explores the world together.

Useful Tips

Nevertheless, it requires extra precautions and far reaching insight for parents to organize such trips. Cutting down additional expenses,  waiting in long queues inside airport lounges and avoiding unnecessary luggage are all necessary to make sure you do not become weary and frustrated during your vacation. Efficient planning can save a lot of troubles you could face during your pleasurable vacation trip Travelling with Children.

A sound suggestion is to select a direct flight to your desired destination at an off season time of the yea. This saves the hustle and bustle families usually have to suffer during peak time travelling. You will be glad travel at times with less traffic so you can easily get through luggage formalities without getting your children annoyed and snobbish. Travelling by car gives an added advantage to plan short break-ups during long drives to divide the tedious routine and enable your kids to freshen up and enjoy every part of the journey, Travelling with Children.

Air Travel

A child under 2 is an added bonus for you rather than a burden if he\she snuggles into your lap and travels free of cost. Children in this set who prefer laps instead of a lonely seat are free of charge on national flights, and are charged a percentage on transnational flights. Flight attendants will make sure to secure your infant with an added lap belt while the plane takes off.

Similarly children between 2-12 years are privileged as there may be discounted fares and flight amenities like having additional hand carried luggage; and of ‘course there is special hospitality by flight attendants. Most airlines offer special meals for kids but to enjoy this facility, it has to be paid up front to enjoy this facility Travelling with Children.

Seat provision

It is perhaps an important factor not to be overlooked, but if you are on an international flight travelling with a top rated airliner, parents can have seats for their kids allocated right beside them. Just make sure you and your kids are on a single reservation and the reserved seats are managedin advance to save any disappointment. Kids usually panic sitting among total strangers so an early check-in and permission from your flight manager are advisable.

Car travel

Kids may vomit and get travel sick during long car travel and sometimes are unable to give a warning signal before these sad incidents so that you can pull over the car. To handle these mishaps, you can keep a wash rag, soap and travel sickness bags which older kids can utilize in uncertain and sudden conditions, Travelling with Children.

You are also advised to keep a bag of your kid’s most prized toys and books in case they are bored and in need of a diversion. Most kids are tuned to their favorite music so make sure to find a place to stuff a valued collection of their chosen music and most of all; when they reject these attentions, switch on a favorite movie to keep their attention diverted from boredom.

Travel Tips for Women and Children

This article discusses some beneficial travelling tips that will come in very handy for women when travelling alone or with children.

Travelling tips for women Women who travel alone travel to different countries around the world should bear in mind to:

1. Respect the dress code of the destination. They should preferably do a research about the region they are going to. They can search the World Wide Web or ask a friend, family member or a colleague who has been there.

If it is not possible to find out the dress norms before leaving on the trip, then the can also take cues from the local women upon their arrival It is wise to always be attentive to what they wear and how they socialize. In many countries, women should wear modest apparel to avoid unwanted attraction.

2. In some countries, if you don’t have one, wear a fake wedding ring which will keep one safe from uninvited advances. Many women who have to travel alone also keep a photo of their imaginary husbands with them to keep unwanted attention at bay.

3. When travelling in public transport make sure to be seated next to a woman. If available, opt for a female section. If this section is not available, and if harassed, point out the offender creating the offence.

4. Respect the rules when visiting the religious places where one might be required to cover their head and take off their shoes.

5. Get information, preferably prior to the visit, about the destination regarding its:
a) Culture
b) Local customs
c) Roles of women etc.

Travelling tips for safe travelling with children

Travelling with children can turn into a nightmare if they are unwell or not looked after properly during traveling. This article highlights some basic tips used to keep children calm, entertained and safe while travelling.

There are many families and single parents who plan their vacations with their children to spend quality time together. These families and parents should keep in mind a few things in order to ensure that they are able to enjoy a trouble free vacation.

1. Prior to buying tickets, it is important to make sure that the children’s vaccinations are complete and up to date. Additional vaccinations which might be a travelling requirement for any tropical region must also be completed.

2. Parents should consult their children’s pediatrician or doctor about their child’s health to inquiry whether he or she is fit for travelling.

3. When travelling with babies, carry extra sterilized bottles for feeding

4. Also include medicines and items like: paracetamol, thermometer, band aids, pampers etc. when packing. Carry them in bags that are easy to access at all times.

5. Parents should choose flight seats that offer a safe playing spot for the children. These seats are usually near the exit area.

6. Keep plenty of toys; preferably individual stashes for each child in order to avoid arguments or fights

7. If people travel only occasionally with their children and do not have travelling baby accessories, it is a viable approach to rent this equipment. This will ensure safety and comfort while travelling.

8. Last but not the least; make children who are old enough to memorize important phone numbers and address details. Also keep pointing out and mentioning landmarks near the accommodation area.

Top Weekend Vacation Places in the World


Sedona is frequently labelled as one of America’s best attractive places. No where else will you find scenery vividly colorful as in Sedona. The lofty red rocks and serrated sandstone hills harmonized against a nearly permanent blue sky have summoned proficient and promising artists for ages. And filmmakers have selected these scorching rock creations in vital Arizona as the setting for such box-office certainties as Broken Arrow, 3:10 to Yuma, and Midnight Run.

But there’s more to Sedona than Red Rocks and pictographic landscapes. As Frommer’s records, “You can barely throw a blotch stick around these measures without hitting a cerebral.” Over the last number of years, mystics have assembled to the region to take benefit of the abundant Original Age “vortexes” with hypothetical spirit-balancing influences found here.

And if you are still looking for a leisurely way to spend your weekend, book an early afternoon at one of Sedona’s many saunas. Customary treatments with a native twist — such as red earthen wraps and blue callus body scrubs — followed by a glass of homegrown wine are invigorating ways to relax after a long day on the trails. Oh certainly, did we remark that the zone is home to other than 100 hiking tracks? Summon up to bring your walking boots!

Colorado Springs

It’s understandable to see why Katharine Lee Bates was stimulated to write the stanzas to the famous nationalistic ballad “America the Beautiful” from Colorado Springs. Gaze dwon one path and you’ll see the regal “purple mountains”; the Colorado Rockies. Move your eyes in the other direction to find yourself staring out at “amber waves of grain”; the Countless Plains.

The lovely backdrop isn’t the only motive to head to this previous mining town. Colorado Springs is also homespun to such American institutes as the Olympic Training Center and the Air Force Academy. And over the years it’s developed a cross-section of characters. Take to the roads and share the footpaths with promising politicos, young folks, art paramours and more. All stake their right on this lot of America the Stunning.

Charleston Grand centuries-old lodges, Spanish moss swathed trees, scary cemeteries, flagstone walks; in a word, Charleston. But this South Carolina urban also brags innovative restaurants, stimulating shops, modern art gallerias and the first-rate Spoleto Fiesta USA. This is the home of the refined South — it was after all the household of polite Gone with the Wind personality, Rhett Butler. And as you pace the gas lamp-lit paths at night, bygone carriages and the eighteenth-century architecture, you just might reflect you’ve journeyed back in time …

History permeates almost every feature of this town, from the old regal homes open to people to the exhibition halls that simulate the city’s abode in United States antiquity. Civil War enthusiasts will get a perception of the past at Fort Sumter where the first gunshot of the War Between the States was fired up. In the meantime, Charleston also bids a reputable shopping section with stores vending everything from native crafts to antiques to modern clothing. And seaside bums will also discover something to do; a rapid drive from the city midpoint, several picturesque islands offer sun, shingle and gentle surfs.

Vancouver Even by North American values, Vancouver is a fresh city. But what it wants in history it reimburses for in decor. Encircled by the Rockies and coasts, Vancouver is both a metropolitan and a natural park: Its stylish environ, high style boutiques and keenness for health-conscious consumption have earned it the pet name “North Hollywood.” Sedentary about 1,300 miles north of its name namesake, Vancouver’s spectacular setting has been the location for several prevalent television illustrations and foremost motion movies, such as The Twilight Saga and Battle Star Galactica: Eclipse, so don’t be astonished if you distinguish landmarks from your favourite scenes.

But this metropolis on Canada’s western edge lures in more than pop ethos junkies. Mountaineering, mountain biking, kayaking, rafting and skiing will call to your adventurous side. Eyeing for a little R&R? Then try sprawling along the 11 miles of coastline or in one of the frequented parks. During winter weather, you can step inside one of its top-notch galleries, or swing your young children by one of the family-friendly enchantments. When you add outstanding shopping, feasting and entertainment scenes to the mix, you see why many admire Vancouver as a go-to retreat for the multi-faceted tourist.

Las Vegas Vegas, Sin City, the Entertaining Center of the Sphere: All commendable names for this desert haven of neon illuminations, nightclubs and luxury hotels. Las Vegas has upheld its flashy, racy, anything-goes boldness for epochs, and the party is still profitably strong. This is a city where hang-ups are not wanted: While you may not need to go as far as to recreate The Hangover, you surely don’t want to leave deprived of undergoing a bit of Viva Las Vegas. Whether you’re here for a single men’s party, a marriage or just one wild vacation, make certain to live it up. Just sum up: What occurs here stays here.

Reflect on Sin City as a melody park rather than a city, where most of the allures are packed beside the fabulous Strip. It can wonder as much as it can overpower, and that’s part of the attraction. But more sophisticated travelers should rest secure: There are adequately ways to evade Las Vegas’s loud glamour. When the razzle-dazzle glare becomes too much, try a selection of the celebrated cuisine proffered by some of the world’s finest chefs, or head out of the city to natural and man-made wonders like the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam.

Cold Weather Traveling Tips

This article discusses some of tips that will prove to be very handy for those who have to travel in the cold due to professional or personal reasons. Those individuals who are traveling by road or driving on their own should make sure to remember and check the following;

1. If one has time on hand install LED lights in your car as these lights help drivers enjoy a better lit view at night or in the dark. These lights are brighter and require half the battery in comparison to headlights.

2. It is very important to know the exact route that one has to follow. Also know alternant routes to take in case of road closures due to adverse weather conditions. One can also consult the Department of Transportation road-condition hotlines while traveling to check for temporary closures on the way or to ask directions if unsure of your location or if lost.

3. It is important to keep updated about the weather conditions. The World Wide Web is one convenient way of checking the weather forecast. However, tune into your local radio station on the car radio to give you up to the minute information about road conditions and adverse driving conditions.  In cold climate zones, the radio stations always provide these newscasts.

4. It is important to remain hydrated when traveling in the cold weather as dehydration can lead to reduced alertness and even fatigue while travelling. It is important to consume up to sixteen ounces of water in a day when traveling. However, water bottles should be kept in the passenger compartment or they might end up freezing in the trunk.

5. Travellers need nourishment in cold weather and should ensure to carry with them enough food for a day. The food should be stored inside the car not in the trunk where it will freeze.

6. Keep a winter safety travel kit in the car which should include devices and items like;
a)       Cell phone
b)       Ice scraper
c)        Brush
d)       Tow rope
e)       Cat litter (for use as a traction aid)
f)        Blankets
g)       Good flashlight
h)       Candle
i)         Matches
j)         Portable weather radio
k)        Can of lock de-icer

7. Always remember never to use hot water on locks or even glass as water will freeze again under freezing temperature and pose further troubles.

8. In extremely adverse cold weather it is wise not to increase the speed of the vehicle. In fact it should be slowed down to medium pace in order to keep the vehicle from damage. It is important to note that the vehicle will require a certain level of momentum so it is wise not to go too slow when driving on snow covered roads.

9. The icier the roads are the more slippery the roads will be, and this will make driving difficult. One very important thing to remember when driving on slippery roads is this:  if the car skids on ice, do not brake sharply and quickly as you will end up skidding more and have an accident or end up in a snow filled ditch.

So keep a firm grip on the steering wheel to guide the car, but be easy on the brakes.  Rather take your foot off the gas and only use the brakes gently if absolutely necessary. Head for the ditch if you have to, rather than hitting an approaching vehicle.